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Announcement of Asian Textile Conference 16 (ATC-16)

At the ATC-15 held in China in 2019, the next host country of ATC-16 decided Japan, our society started toprepare the conference. After that, COVID-19 infection has unfortunately been prevalent over the world, and we are still spending unusual and inconvenient life. Serious measures against infection have been carried out in each country to prevent the infection of COVID-19. At first, we planned to hold ATC-16 as a memorial symposium for overcoming COVID-19 as in the style of the Face to face style like ATC15, When thinking about the situation of infection of Japan and Asian countries, we cannot but change the ATC-16 style to the Online style. Therefore, ATC-16 will be held as described below.


Conference theme:
Challenge for Creation of New Normal Fiber Materials & Textiles for Post-corona Society

July 27–29, 2022


Please join the ATC-16 and discuss the post pandemic society.


April 8, 2022
Abstract submission and Registration site is now open.
March 18, 2022
January 21, 2022
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October 15, 2021
Conference website opened!